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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  September 28, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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right now at 7:00 the nationals in the season at home and turmoil after a dugout brawl between the pitcher and the team's star player. thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm lesli foster. the nats swiftly took action today against jonathan papelbon. our kristen berset is here to explain what happened in the dugout and what is going to happen to that closer. >> it's just another incident in what has been a crazy season for this team. the cover of the new york post today says choker on it and the shot of papelbon with his hand around harper's neck, the just literally but figuratively, too the way this season has gone. that's the face of the franchise. obviously a lot of frustration because the team was mathematically eliminated from the playoffs saturday. they were world series favorites before the season.
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we really would have never expected to be talking about the team the way that we are now. this is the stunning sight in the nats dugout yesterday. bryce harper sat out of today's game. the team made him sit out today even though he had a scheduled day off, he was totally out. this is the scene from one of the nats team stores. they removed all the papelbon jerseys. now papelbon has been suspended for four games without pay by the team and was about to serve a three-game suspension for hitting manny machado, so he's done for the season. holden kushner s waat nats park. he has reaction from harper. >> reporter: a very busy home finale for the washington nationals, bryce harper and mike rizzo both addressing the incident yesterday where jonathan papelbon choked bryce harper. >> bryce had some accountability in the issue. we thought that to discipline papelbon the way we did and the bryce was unfair and you could
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see by the type of discipline that we placed on both players that we thought which was weighed the most and we felt that they're both equal and equitable ways to handle the situation. >> as much as i need him, he needs me, you know. i figure us being a family here and doing the things we need to do to win the world series. he's part of that. i think being able to go into next year and do the things we need to do, we'll worry about next year. if he's going to be our closer, he's got to do what he can to help this team win and the same thing with me. >> reporter: harper said he's yet to talk to papelbon but said he'd like to talk to him in person the next time the two do communicate. i'm holden kushner for wusa9 sports. >> of course, a lot of this stemmed from when papelbon hit manny machado when the orioles were in town and harper after the game was like well, looks like i'm getting hit next. so the tensions were kind of stemming from 245-6789 harper is always the target if -- from
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that. harper is always the target if somebody gets hit. harper has been called out for not hustling out fly balls before and some people saying papelbon being the veteran 11 seasons in the league saying come on, man, you got to hustle and it was this veteran versus youngster mentality. >> it's too bad. matt william said both played a role. >> nats fans at this afternoon's final home game of the season applauded the decision to suspend jonathan papelbon but were still very upset about the dugout brawl with harper. as one parent pointed out, the athletes are considered role models for childrens who collect their baseball cards, watch their stats and want to grow up to be just like them. >> i wouldn't want my son to see it. >> if i would have done that at work, i wouldn't have a job tomorrow. >> baseball is not like that. it's not a physical sport. >> a lot of kids look up to those guys, so they should
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remember that. >> they both could have got hurt and been out the rest of the season. >> i just want to know why. why did they do that? >> papelbon said he was frustrated not being in the playoffs and that he and harper have a brotherly relationship. you can get the latest nats news by downloading the wusa9 app. it is clear outside right now, but the futurecast is showing some changes are about to come. chief meteorologist topper shutt is tracking when the showers and thunderstorms are going to roll in. >> we had to issue a yellow weather alert for tomorrow afternoon. i think tomorrow morning will be okay. let's start with the futurecast. this is 4:00. we see light showers across most of the metro area and despite the clouds and the showers it's still fairly warm, temperatures upper 70s to around 80 downtown. we'll advance this again. now we're looking at about 6 p.m., showers and storms north and west along i-81 and also heavier activity into charles county, southern prince george's county. this is where i think the
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heaviest activity will develop and move northward. this is 6:00. watch, we'll put this into motion. this is going to could end of explode at the 8:00 hour, big storms, hagerstown, martinsburg. you get yellows and oranges, that's not good. that's some of the heaviest activity. i think one of the biggest threats will be heavy rainfall and flash flooding tomorrow. 8:00 culpeper to manassas possibility of a heavy storm there as well. we'll advance it to 10:00. think we see a little fleck of purple. that's pretty heavy activity from leesburg to winchester to hagerstown and back over to frederick and almost to rockville. we'll come back, talk about the possibility of another yellow weather alert needed. we'll tell you which day. some pretty sad breaking news out of montgomery county, police say a toddler who fell out of a third story balance comb last week died of his injuries -- balcony last week died of his injuries on hewitt avenue in silver spring.
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he was just 2. police say right now there's no indication he was pushed and there are no charges, but they're awaiting autopsy results to figure out the cause and manner of his death. d.c. fire chief wants to add private ambulances to the city's fleet. tomorrow chief gregory dean plans to ask the d.c. council to green light a plan to hire a private ambulance company for a one year trial run. under dean's plan d.c. fire and ems would still respond to all 911, but he said the city ambulance crews would be freed up for more serious calls and have time for more training and maintenance crews could keep the fleet in better shape. fairfax county chief of police is standing by the officer who tased a man in the roseville mall in franconia last thursday. the man was reaching into his pocket where he had a 6-inch folding knife. the investigation showed the officer's actions were lawful and appropriate. he was pledged to have stolen sunglasses from a suntrust
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bank. the witness told our peggy fox he saw no reason for cansler to be tased for assaulting an officer. no, nothing, from beginning to the end nothing. >> i back up my officer. the officer is sworn by an oath to tell the truth. >> police have not named the arresting officer. a prince george's county woman says a bladensburg police officer severely beat her and wrongly charged her with a crime. >> so this woman went public today and told our hank silverberg that she's in the first steps of taking lilac. >> reporter: it started at a local restaurant sunday night when a group of women got into a fight when a 29-year-old mother of three was roughed up by the police and it was caught on video. uribe was with her sister july 12th the night of the fight. four women were beating up on her sister and she went to help
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her sibling, but restaurant security stepped in, escorted her outside. that's when the real trouble began. uribe was lan over to officer callaway with the bladensburg police moonlighting at the time. uribe says callaway beat her with his fists and threw her on the ground. translator: he grabbed my arm very forcefully, pulled my arm back. i simply told him i want to know what's going on with my sister. >> reporter: the police report says uribe used foul language, spit and started swinging her arms at callaway. translator: he continued to hit me on my face. i raised my arm to try to defend myself. >> reporter: these pictures are of her in the hospital where she had to spend three days after the arrest. meanwhile is of callaway is on the job and on the street. in bladensburg hank silverberg, wusa9. a state's attorney's office
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in prince george's county county said it will wait for the police investigation to be completed before deciding on any criminal charges. relief in herndon tonight after police arrest a man they believe may have shot up more than half a dozen buildings including at least one with people inside. police have charged matthew malacarne with shooting at four buildings and they suspect he may have shot at three more. the shootings in july and august of this month were along the toll road and out in leesburg. you can still see the bullet holes in the windows of several of those buildings. a fairfax county judge ordered malacarne held without bond. there are some big changes coming to metro stadium armory station. tomorrow through the next six months only the blue line will stop there in the morning and evening rush. this is the latest service change stemming from last week's transformer fire that knocked out power at the substation that serves stadium armory. metro is spacing out the orange
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and silver line trains by an extra two minutes during the busiest times and it's offering free shuttle buses for commuters who need to get from stadium armory to minnesota avenue during the hours that the stadium is packed. the fairfax connector is celebrating 30 years of service tomorrow by treating customers to free rides. you can hop on and off the buses as many times as you'd like for free. the fairfax connector serves 35,000 customers a day on 84 different routes. still to come donald trump unveils his tax plan after the break. >> plus maryland versus virginia, what local lawmaker has his prediction on where the fbi's headquarters will land. >> later pope francis describes each of the three american steps he just visited. hear what he had -- cities he just visited.
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she helped two convicted kiers get out of jail and now a former prison worker will spend several years behind bars herself. joyce mitchell sobbed throughout her sentencing today. she's the prison seamstress who snuck in tools for david matt and richard sweat. a judge said she'll spend two to seven years behind bars for the crime. donald trump unveiled his tax plan and if he has his way, some americans would pay no taxes at all. the republican presidential candidate calls for tax reductions for everyone, especially middle and low income households. a single person making less than $25,000 a year and married couples making less than 50 will pay no taxes. the rate increases the more you earn and caps out at 25%. trump says this could be costly to the rich which includes him. >> it reduces our eliminates most of the de-- or eliminates
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most of the deductions and loopholes available to special interests and to the very rich, in other words, it's going to cost me a fortune, which is actually true. >> trump's plan calls for cutting the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%. critics say his plan does more to cut taxes for the rich while supporters say it could create jobs. maryland senator ben cardin is predicting prince george's county will be the future home of the fbi's headquarters. this morning senator cardin said either the greenbelt in landover mall site will likely win the bid because of the proximity to mass transit. the third option is in springfield, virginia, which has a metro station in walking zaps. the fbi is looking to move away -- distance. the fbi is looking to move away from its aging head quarter at the edgar hoof hoover -- hoover building in washington d.c. nasa says there is strong
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evidence mars has salty water flooding its surface during the summer months. >> it changes everything because it means that this liquid water can be used for perhaps irrigation, drinking water and even rocket fuel. >> experts base their findings on the data from nasa's mars reconnaissance orbiter which has been circling the planet since 2006. there is more exploration needed to determine the source of the water and whether or not it helps to support microscopic life on mars. we're looking at a very nice evening. the pollen, trees and grasses and weeds low but actually mold spores in the moderate range. you can find this all the time with our app. download it tonight. go to the app store and search for wusa9. you can track the big storms with us tomorrow. we'll talk about the timetable and why we had to issue a yellow weather alert. >> and an adorable baby who stood out from the crowd, we'll
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tell you what the pope had to say about this mini version of himself. this is wusa9, your only local news at 7:00.
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spectrum of essential nutrients... you enjoy like a mint. new centrum vitamints. the coolest way yet... to get your multivitamins. after six days and countless blessings pope francis wrapped up his trip to america. he flew home last night from philadelphia and is back at the vatican right now.
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we have the story where the pope spoke to reporters on the flight about his historic visit and what he thought about d.c. >> reporter: in a 47 minute exchange with reporters on his plane shortly after takeoff he called sexual abuse by priests a sacrilege and for the first time held bishops to account as well. those who cover this up are guilty he said. even some bishops who covered this up. it's something horrible. as for victims and their relatives who could not forgive abusive priests, francis said he fully understood. translator: i pray for them. i do not judge someone who is not able to forgive he said. >> reporter: asked if he supported catholics who opposed laws such as those legitimizing same sex marriage, a reference to kim davis, the kentucky worker who refused to issue license for same sex couples, francis said conscientious objection is a human 7right eve for government officials. on a lighter note, the pope said he was surprised by the
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warmth of the reception he got which he calls a beautiful thing and different in each city he visited. in washington the welcome was warm but more formal he said. new york was a bit exuberant, philadelphia very demonstrative. >> in spite of his potentially controversial views on issues pope francis said he did not receive any insults or challenges during his visit. millions of americans came out to see pope francis, but only a lucky few got some one on one time with him. >> that includes a handful of babies that got really close. this one even found the pope laugh. he spotted like quinn in a massive crowd in philadelphia. she was hard to miss because she was dressed like the pope. pope france chuckled and motioned for the security crew to bring the baby girl to her. he kissed her and passed a message to quinn's parents. he wanted them to know they have a great sense of humor. he has a great sense of humor,
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too. he said about the washington trip that we were warm. new york was very formal, but we were warm. >> more sincere. >> i think we are warm. are the temperatures warm? >> i wish they'd let the poor guy sleep in the plane. we're looking at a pretty warm day and a yellow weather alert tomorrow for some showers and storms, especially in the afternoon and tuesday night. right now let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam. it's 78, dew point pretty high, almost 70, relative humidity 68%. so it's pretty humid for late september. we'll talk about tropical depression 11. it is forecast to become a tropical storm joaquin and if that were the case, it's going to eventually track toward the southeast coast and more than likely get absorbed in a stationary cold front off the coast and probably track right along the coast. if it goes this close to it, i think we'll see big time rain at the shore and some beach erosion. it's also possible, this is
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saturday at 2:00, 50 mile-per- hour winds, never makes it to a hurricane status, but it could hit us with some heavy rain friday into saturday. take that away. we're still unsettled enough, let alone with that happening. just a few showers tonight isolated, bus stop temperatures 64 to about 74, yellow alert for tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. some of the storms could be heavy, a few could be severe, 3 p.m. to about midnight. so your morning commute is fine. it's the drive home we're kind of concerned about. so 10:00 tonight you can walk the dog, low 70s, mid-70s downtown, a couple sprinkles overnight, not a huge deal. we'll keep an isolated shower in overnight. by 6 a.m. it's still 70 downtown, 66 in gaithersburg and rockville and also in leesburg, 67 in la plata. by 9:00 it's 69 already in gaithersburg, 70 in leesburg. despite the clouds coming in still 79 at 1:00 with showers on our doorstep.
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so you have until about 12:00 or 1:00 to do stuff outdoors if you're north of i-66, north of 50 and then boom, 6:00 big time storms develop especially to the west of us, hagerstown, martinsburg and winchester, low 70s. see all the red popping up, leesburg to manassas to winchester to hagerstown, looking at some big storms possible tomorrow even into about the midnight, 1:00 hour. day planner, 70s to start with clouds, by 1:00, 79 and a couple showers possible. we'll mold off on this for now -- hold off on this for now, but it's possible showers wednesday, 77 and more showers thursday, 68. friday will put an end to the showers unless joaquin puts some moisture our way, looks like it's wet either way for the terps and howard homecoming, looks okay right now for sunday for the burgundy
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anniversary date night. >> plus, kaytie's new sighting without her ring after the shocking divorce news. >> it's what's coming up right -now - >> -- on "entertainment tonight." >> you are friends? >> kaly's girl's why did she call it quits orf he husband of 20 months? >> she wasn't doing interviews on set. >> were there signs? >> i'm feeling really guilty. >> then how george clooney celebrated his anniversary. >> and david beckham on his wife's stumbly party exist. >> my wife had quite the party. >> also a star from "happy days" cancer scare, scott bayo's wife battling tumors. >> i do have three of them. >> as a who's the boss st tells us about living with hiv. >> i was doing drugs. >> i didn't feel like i put myself at risk. >> plus >> taylor rocks out with mick


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